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I would like to run a marathon.

Thousands of people run marathons every year. There are people who have overcome cancer, obesity, and any number of other diseases and have gone on to run marathons. My aunt has run one, my boyfriend has run a couple, my 70-year-old grandma ran a half marathon this year. There is nothing that is physically stopping me.

My biggest mental block is that I haven’t run farther than a 10k in a single stretch. And that I love to run in Oregon, but I’m about to move back to an elevation of nearly 7,000 feet in Colorado. I don’t even know how to start… but I want to do it by next fall. 

Maybe I’ll get my best friend to run with me! She’s run a half before, so she might be up for it.

We’ll see how this goes.

Edit: Don’t worry. I’m not crazy… I’m going to do a half marathon first. :)

Runner’s High

I feel so burly after a good run! 

I went the opposite direction on the trail today, and I ran the entire thing… plus a little extra!definitely freaked this guy out because I dropped to tie my shoe and he passed me, so I got right behind him and paced with him for about 30 minutes before I passed him and started heading home. It was pretty amusing to me at least, he kept looking behind him because he could hear me and see my shadow in front of him when we made turns.

Next time I will have to pass him sooner so I can kick wood chips at him the whole time. Not that I’m bitter about being passed or anything! :)

My calves hurt so good!


Oh yeah….

The first weekend in April, I flew to Colorado… it was meant to be a surprise for the boyfrann, but I told him a couple days before. We both had horrible weekends when I told him so it was something to look forward to, and I wanted him to be as excited as I was! But it was an awesome weekend. I can’t wait to live in Fort Collins!!



And this.

Pre Pre Pre Pre Pre

Pre’s Trail was awesome!!! Definitely one of my favorite routes that I have ever been on… the park is gorgeous, the sun was out so my black long-sleeve running shirt was a bit warm, but the path covered by a roof of trees was awesome! 

I definitely need to run more. I have been doing yoga and P90X for the past month and a half with zero running… so I was sucking wind today. I NEED CARDIO. If nothing else. I love it. 

I am going to plan a run somewhere on the trail again tomorrow, hopefully it doesn’t rain. Okay, this is Oregon, hopefully it doesn’t rain too hard. 


 I get to go to Colorado for five whole days!! I get to see family and friends and boyfriend and it will be glorious! Alesha is picking me up from the airport in exchange for Voodoo Doughnuts (I will most likely get her the cock n’ balls one for funsies) and taking me to my parents house, where everyone will be waiting to party!

…..and by party I mean probably play DDR, make brownies and watch a movie.

But until then I will be procrastinating on packing and watching The Proposal or something equally chick-flicky. Schedule: pack, sleep, work, COLORADO!!

11 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

This internship is turning out to be really, really long. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful to have the opportunity to learn PR from some of the best, and I get to meet a bunch of influential sports people here in Oregon. I love my second family and the people that I have met through salsa… the one thing that is making this so long is my living situation.

I got an apartment that is near student housing, they assign you roommates and everyone pays separately. I chose a 4-bedroom apartment because I wanted instant friends and stuff to do all the time… however, to my surprise, I ended up with one roommate and two empty bedrooms, and that one roommate locked herself in her room all the time doing God knows what. I would say hi to her and try to start conversations when she came out of her cave, but that wouldn’t last for more than two minutes. The majority of our interactions usually had to do with the show that she was watching in the living room. Lame. Almost exactly like my last roommate, except this one is a bit more pleasant and didn’t try and screw me over by leaving me to pay the entire $915/month by myself. Bitch.

But anyway, my ghost roommate has just moved out. Apparently she applied to nursing school in Tulsa and has moved back home to Alaska until she hears back about it. The reason that I’m going on about this is because now I am completely alone in Eugene. I am an hour from everyone that I know and so my week is long. And extremely lonely since I don’t have anyone that I can talk to in person.

Plus, the apartment was broken into over Christmas before I moved in. Just sayin.


OH. I forgot. Operation Valentine’s Day Weekend was a HUGE success! He was able to come out here the 12th through the 15th… it was the best weekend I have had in a very long time!! This is guy is a good one.

Sadly, it is going to be another two months until I am able to see him again. Work and money, you see.

Oh well.

Thank God for Skype!

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